The Atlantic Ocean in the Canary Islands is rich in fish and edible mollusks. In ancient times, fishing was one of the main occupations of the Guanches, and now has become a fun attraction for tourists. The most interesting thing in fishing is, of course, the excitement of the fight! You cannot just curb and pull out of the water. And most importantly, you can catch a really huge trophy!

In Tenerife, you can fish both in the open ocean and near the coast. If the purpose of your trip is to get trophies, you need to look for happiness at great depths. Here, depending on the time of year, you can catch tuna, blue marlin and a sailboat. The second option is sea fishing - close to the coast. Spanish and royal mackerel, bluefish, yellowtail and other fish are caught here. The most common fishing methods in the ocean are trolling and bottom fishing.

Near the coast of Tenerife hundreds of various large fish swim, perhaps among the prey there will be the most unexpected representative of the local fauna.

Our team will organize for you: Bottom, Trolling, Deep Sea fishing.

Our boat is specially equipped:      Spinning rods for trolling -2 pcs,

                                                       Spinning rods for bottom fishing 4 pcs,

                                                       Spinning rods for deep sea fishing - 2 pcs.

 Fishing at depths from 40 m. To 1000 m.

 The tour lasts 5 hours. Maximum number of fishermen - 4 people

 The tour price includes: Guide support, Fishing tackle, bait, soft drinks

 Tour price: 300 euro